Faller Development was created to formalize a separate company specifically designed to develop property for the Faller Companies. The founder Charles S. Faller, Jr. has been developing property in the Washington Metropolitan area since the early 60’s. Starting with a housing community in Prince Georges County, Mr. Faller has developed single family, over 2500 multi-family garden and high-rise apartments, strip centers and high-rise office buildings. In the mid 1980’s, the company developed several properties in Montgomery County MD to include approximately 65 acres in White Oak which were assembled and designed as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) containing single family, multi-family and commercial uses. Another property in Clarksburg MD was also purchased in the mid 1980’s and has been approved for 625 units made up of single family detached and attached units, multi-family units and commercial space. Since 1990, the company has developed commercial property along the East coast from Maryland to Florida.

Commercial Property Developed by The Faller Companies
Tenant Location Date Developed
CVS Pharmacy Naples, FL May 2009
120,000 ft² Center Naples, FL August 2009
K - Mart Aspen Hill, MD May 1975
20,000 ft² Center Naples, FL August 1991
Eckerd Drug Store Naples, FL September 1995
Lesco Naples, FL May 1995
Lesco Naples, FL February 1996
Eckerd Pharmacy Miami, FL September 1997
CVS Drug Store Capitol Heights, MD January 1997
Eckerd Pharmacy Sarasota, FL April 1999
Eckerd Pharmacy Richmond, VA December 1999
Chevy Chase FSB Mt. Airy, MD December 2001
Office Retail Mt. Airy, MD December 2001
CVS Pharmacy Naples, FL April 2004